Ah, the weekend!


Hey everyone!
The first week of the new year back at work is down, and it seems everything is back to normal for another eleven months. Joyous. Well it’s been a pretty slow week, as I’ve been trying to get caught up with the degree, which I finally got to this afternoon. But let’s take a look at some more interesting stuff…

Force and Destiny

Back in 2012, Fantasy Flight Games announced the model for their Star Wars RPG line, which took off the following year with Edge of the Empire, which allowed us to play on the galactic fringe as smugglers and colonists. Last year saw Age of Rebellion, which introduced the good people of the Rebellion to the system. Finally, 2015 will see the third “branch” of the system, Force and Destiny, which allows players to create Force-user characters. As with the previous games, the line is launched with the beginner game that will teach you the rules as you play. Wonderful! Now if I can just find enough people to get a game going…

Visions of Dawn

FFG have also announced a fifth Hero and Monster Collection for Descent, Visions of Dawn. I have nothing to say about this beyond – take a look at that manticore! Though I’m excited to see Nara the Fang enter the fray…


Now this is very exciting. Drakon has been intriguing me for what seems like an age, but has been out of print for just as long, meaning it has been attracting ridiculous prices on the aftermarket. It seems like a really interesting game, though, a little reminiscent of Dungeonquest. With a new edition on the horizon, however, I’m hoping that finally I can investigate this thing!

I’ve played quite a lot of Shadows of Brimstone over the New Year weekend, and it’s really begun to grow on me now. I’ve spent some time in the Targa Plateau, and later exploring the swamps of Jargono with a couple of the characters from both sets, and it’s been a really enjoyable experience! I still think the town could do with some tweaks, but in the main, it’s pretty amazing!

Wonderful times! I’m intending to get some more games in soon, then I’ll feature the game in a full game-day blog!


I follow a tumblr, allthingswarhammer, which features pretty much anything that is tagged with #warhammer on instagram. Last week, I came across the above picture, which started the cogs whirring in my mind!

See, I haven’t painted anything since before Christmas, and have been feeling in something of a painting funk, lacking any sort of motivation to get anywhere. The Necrons have, therefore, been gathering dust in the corner. However, Ogres! These chaps really captured my imagination, along with the Yhetees, of course, so I popped along to the local games shop and got a box of Mounfang Cavalry. Taking pretty much the entire week to build them, I have to say I was very happy with the results!

I don’t know, they just look fun! The best part is that I’ve started painting again, though! Not very much so far, but still! I’m painting them with purple/lilac skin, a sort of Slaaneshi scheme. I think it looks pretty great so far, anyway! I’m glad to be painting again, as it has been very enjoyable, so…yeah…

Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms

And finally, I thought I’d leave you with a book recommendation!

There’s an excellent blog here on WordPress, Geekritique, which featured an upcoming look at the fantasy and sci-fi books of 2015 back on New Year’s Day. I can’t say all 25 of the blighters leapt off the, er, screen, but two of them certainly captured my interest enough to buy the first in the respective series, as shown in the tweet above. Well, I started reading Leviathan Wakes last weekend and have to say it’s been pretty damn awesome so far! What with everything else going on, and my usual snail’s-pace reading, I’m only just about halfway through, but I haven’t felt this energised about a novel for a long time, let me tell you! I’ve actually bought the second in the series already, it’s that promising! I think what I appreciate most about the story is the Philip K Dick-esque feel, a sort of noire-future, almost. It’s highly recommended, at any rate!