Horrible times!

I had a couple of games of Eldritch Horror over this weekend, and it’s been simply spectacular, I have to say! It’s games like these that remind me just why I love this one so much. On Saturday I got round to the final two heroes in the game, Charlie Kane and Jim Culver. That was pretty marvellous, I’ve got to say – Charlie ended up with quite the retinue, and it was always hilarious to declare “you can’t detain me, you’ll cause a diplomatic incident!”

Eldritch Horror

Unfortunately, Azathoth woke up, and the world ended.

Eldritch Horror


This afternoon, it was time to try again! After yesterday, I had a real itch to get this game out again, this time with some of the expansion components from Forbidden Lore! The expansion has a whole slew of cards for the existing Ancient Ones in the base game, including double the amount of research encounters for each one.

Eldritch Horror

Playing against Yog Sothoth, I was a bit worried, as the only time I’d played against him last time, I lost – and horribly! However, this time it seemed to go a whole lot easier. Maybe I’m just more familiar with the game, I don’t know. Well, anyway,  I got to see both the new Mysteries in the course of the game, one of which uses the new special encounter deck Void Between Worlds. It seemed a bit straightforward, I thought, to complete, but maybe I just got lucky.

Eldritch Horror

Still, all of that aside, this was an awesome game – inexplicably, only my eighth game of Eldritch Horror! As Christmas approaches, I’m hoping to get in many more, though!


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