My trip to Parys

Hey folks!
Yeah, let’s get this out there now – I don’t mean the city in France. Summer last year, I went to Anglesey for the umpteenth time, finally getting to visit Parys Mountain for the first time. You may be aware that, in the midst of all my gaming, I’m also a very big fan of history, and industrial history is something that holds a special kind of fascination for me…


Parys Mountain was basically a massive copper mine that was used during the eighteenth century, at the height of its fame in the 1780s it was the largest mine in Europe.

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There are still quite a few relics of the mining process around the mountain, the most famous being the windmill (above).

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While Anglesey is, in general, a wonderful place, Parys Mountain is fantastic, and definitely worth checking out if you’re in the Amlwch area!