The Tomb Stalker!

It started back towards the end of last month, but in two weeks I’ve managed to pretty much finish off the big model of my Necron army: the Tomb Stalker!

Necron Tomb Stalker Necron Tomb Stalker Necron Tomb Stalker

It was a long slog, but there was something really quite excellent when the guy finally took shape!

Necron Tomb Stalker

The multitude of legs proved to be a bit of a bitch, but it looked even better when all the base coating had been done.

Necron Tomb Stalker

Indeed, getting all the base coats done turned out to be the most strenuous part of the whole production. Being a utilitarian machine, it didn’t really need to have any fancy highlighting put on.

Necron Tomb Stalker

So there you have it – two weeks of painting, and he’s pretty much done!

I’ve been painting miniatures for almost three months, and in that time I’m really pleased that I was even capable of putting this chap together and getting him painted, let alone getting it done as good as (I think) it looks today! Definitely worth taking its place among the rest of my army, I think!

The whole story on tumblr:
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5 thoughts on “The Tomb Stalker!”

  1. Nice pose and paint on the tomb stalker, especially considering you have been painting for 3 months!! Well worth the 2 weeks of effort! What did you use for the snow effect on the base?

  2. Thanks! I’m really pleased with it, anyway! The snow effect uses the Mourn Mountain Snow texture paint – a whole lot of it, too! I’ve been basing my Necrons with snow like this, so they’re looking quite nice now, even if I do say so myself!

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