So the bugs are back! Seems like the End Times II have run their course with today’s Glottkin release, and if the rumours are true, we’re getting set for a protracted release of 40k stuff, centred around a campaign box similar to the Stormclaw release for the Sanctus Reach. Rather than Space Wolves vs Orks, however, we’ll be seeing Blood Angels vs Tyranids in what struck me initially as Space Hulk 2.0. Of course, that could be wildly off the mark, but anyway!

Sanctus Reach was expanded after the initial release to also encompass Grey Knights, roughly around the same time as that army received its new codex. The current rumours I’ve come across this morning have indicated that the new campaign will be expanded in a similar way, to involve the Necrons!

Of course, this isn’t to suggest these rumours have anything to them. It could be a case of putting together the fact that we have a new Tyranid release, we’re expecting a new Blood Angels codex any day now, and the new Necron codex is supposed to be similar to that for Grey Knights earlier in the summer. So my hopes are not up, but it would be nice!

Anyway, I want to take a look at these new Tyranids today, because they look really awesome!

You may recall I posted this back in September, when I was still amid my Space Hulk frenzy? Well, Tyranids do still hold something of an allure, I can’t deny. Indeed, I sometimes think they could have been my army of choice, had I not discovered the Necrons first! These new models look quite horrid, anyway – the Maleceptor (above) and Toxicrene (below)

And if you’re wondering how to paint these guys…take a look!

Anyway. Something that has particularly struck me about this release is just how exciting it must be when your army gets a new release. I imagine, if I played Tyranids, I’d be rushing to preorder these guys as soon as I found out about them! I hope that the Necrons might see some love like that, but something tells me they won’t anytime soon. But it would be nice to have that sense of… I don’t know, identity, almost, for your army. From what I understand, Necrons haven’t had anything like this released since the main glut that came out with the codex two years ago. The Tesseract Vault being an exception, but that’s hardly the norm for regular games, I believe.

I’m not advocating masses of new stuff all the time, of course. I just think it’d be nice to have that sense of having new options every once in a while. I suppose this betrays my card gamer mentality, though, insofar as I like seeing the shiny new stuff!

Tyranids may yet win me over, but I have a lot of Necrons to get through yet!

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