There is only war!

So I’ve been talking about Warhammer a lot recently, and you might be growing sick of it by now, but I hope that’s not the case!

Yesterday I decided to get this beauty, see:

Warhammer 40,000

The rulebook for 7th edition, which is split over three volumes: a painting guide, a background guide, and the rulebook itself. When I’ll get to actually play this is up for debate, of course, but still! I’m excited.

The world of Warhammer has been exciting me for a while now, as I’ve already discussed, but Warhammer 40k has been a bit like the poor relation – I knew it was there, but I just thought “Oh, that’s just Space Marines, right?” and left it at that. However, I’ve slowly been forging my way into the 41st millennium, starting with the discovery of the Necrons of course, and have been enjoying amassing an army of those chaps in recent weeks.


However, even while I’ve been excited by these things, I’ve also been holding back a little. This has largely to do with the perception of tabletop wargaming as a hobby, and something that I’m basically afraid to associate myself with. It sounds ridiculous, after all, but yet it remains, I’m worried about doing something I think I will really like because I’m worried what my friends etc will think if they found out. The more I’ve been thinking about this, though, and it is just all so much nonsense. Aside from the fact that wargaming is hardly some sort of dirty secret, anyone who would laugh or ridicule me for going down this route is really not worth the time hanging out with. So yeah.

This video is talking about the changes that the new 7th edition brought to the game back when it was released in May this year, which really don’t mean much to me because I never played 6th edition. But it really underscores just why I find this so damn intriguing: it’s not just a game where you try to wipe out your opponent, but instead has a narrative aspect to it, with the missions and whatnot. The opportunity to create stories is just fantastic!

My first exposure to tabletop wargaming has been through the Star Wars Miniatures line from Wizards of the Coast, which I last played in 2010 or something. That game, while fun, is very much in the mould of wiping out your opponent, with very little narrative. Some effort was made to bring scenario-play into the game when it was first released, but it quickly devolved into a skirmish game, with very little else going for it. I used to field armies of things like Rebels and Bounty Hunters, or Old Republic with Wookiees, or whatever – and part of the story running around in my head was just why had the Jedi Consular and Wookiee Berserker teamed up and stuff. Trying to add in a storytelling element has always been a bit difficult, so it’ll be really nice to be able to play something that actively encourages that level of narrative!

As a tabletop gamer, I’m excited, but as primarily a board gamer, it’s becoming a bit of a learning curve already!