Another weekend over – time really does fly when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?

I’m currently drinking lapsang souchong tea while watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, so it’s become something of an Asian evening. That’s good, though – I really enjoy Asian cinema, and there are some absolutely awesome films in this vein that I really enjoy. A few years ago, it became something of a tradition for me to spend my Sunday evenings watching martial arts films, so it’s quite pleasant for that!


It’s been a quiet few days since I last bothered you all. Remember my Necrons project from Thursday? Well, I finally finished them yesterday, so that was a bit of a labour of love! I’m quite pleased with the results, on the whole, especially the feathering technique, which I tried for the first time. You can read all about it on my tumblr here and here, anyway.

Dark Eldar codex


I’ve spent most of this weekend agog at the upcoming Dark Eldar releases from Games Workshop – I got really excited by the wonderful stuff that is the new Wracks kit, and that really has proven to be the tip of the iceberg! However, a Dark Eldar player I am not – well, I’m not a Warhammer player at all (yet), but anyway. It’s all interesting stuff, along with a new kit, the Voidraven, which does look kinda nice, I have to say:


In addition to the codex and the new models, a Painting Guide has been announded, Raiders of Commorragh. This was originally teased by Duncan in his Wracks painting video, and I’m a bit torn over whether to get this. I do like the painting guides GW put out, after all, and I am intending to get a Wracks kit, so it’s not like it’s going to go unused, but £20 for a book, it’s a lot of money for a faction that I don’t intend to play.

In any case, I’m going to be saving my money for the Necrons. If the rumours hold true, the Necron codex should be expected around December/January time, along with possibly one or two new models to accompany it as we’ve seen here with the Dark Eldar.

On the one hand, it’s slightly annoying, as I’m slowly building up a Necron force at random, with the intention of finally getting into the game when the codex is released. But on the other hand, the wait means I have plenty of time to collect up the models I want and get them built and painted! So yeah.

I’ve been surprised by the comparative lack of game news lately. Of course, my wallet will no doubt appreciate it… Apparently, the long-awaited Shadows of Brimstone is due to start shipping mid-October, while Fallen continues its battle through god-only-knows-what. I hope these games are worth it when they turn up!

Seriously, how nice is lapsang souchong?

Long-term fans might remember that I’ve been on something of a summer hiatus from an Open University degree? Well, the next module begins on Saturday, so that four months sure went fast! Exploring the Classical World, so it should be lots of fun, anyway!

I started reading a Warhammer novel last Wednesday called The Return of Nagash, which was released a few weeks ago as part of the hoopla surrounding The End Times, and I’m currently halfway through it. So far, it’s been really very enjoyable, I must say! The characters are nicely rounded and interesting, and it’s particularly fun to see chaps who I know from the LCG, among other things!

Anyhow, I’ll leave you to your Sunday now 🙂

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