Oh my goodness!

There is so much goodness coming out of Gen Con today, I can barely contain my excitement, but Fantasy Flight Games’ annual In-Flight Report has, this year, got me frothing at the mouth with excitement! By far and away, though, the last game announced is definitely the strongest contender, to me, for best-in-show: Imperial Assault.

Imperial Assault

It’s a miniatures game based on the Descent mechanics, but I’m a bit surprised by this, as I was under the impression that FFG didn’t hold the licence for board games. While they may market it as a miniatures game, this does seem to push the envelope a bit, but anyway – I am far too excited about the possibilities to worry about the legalities! Plus, what with the Disney takeover, maybe FFG have got a better licence? Anyway.

I really enjoyed Descent when I played the co-op pack, so I’m really intrigued by this, but to be honest, I’ve just been so desperate for a land-based minis game from FFG that anything would have sated my hunger at this point!

Imperial Assault

Now that I’ve started to paint miniatures, too, I’m even more looking forward to this!

Back in the day, I spent a small fortune – no, a large fortune – on the WotC Star Wars Miniatures line – about 1400 miniatures, of which I have them all atop the wardrobe. It was a good skirmish game, but was very much a case of kill-kill-kill. The blurb for this game places much more emphasis on quests and RPG-esque elements that I am now very chuffed by this!

I really like the idea of playing “new” heroes, as well, which adds even more to the RPG feel for me. While I have no real aversion to playing as Luke or Biggs, I feel that I can play as Jyn Odan or whoever, and tell my own story every time, rather than going through the prescribed motions. Having the Villain and Ally packs is a really nice move, I feel, though I get the impression that some might think of it as a cheap trick to get us to spend more money on getting the iconic movie characters. Meh, I’ll be getting them all, not least because of my Star Wars obsession, but because I like to support games that I enjoy, and I have the strong feeling that this will be hitting the table a lot!

Very much looking forward to this one, at any rate!

Imperial Assault

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