Evening all!
As you may or may not realise, tomorrow is the start of GenCon14, The Best Four Days in Gaming, and definitely the highlight of the gaming year. I must admit, I’m not really expecting all that much, but there are a couple of interesting things that should be coming up.


There’s been nothing from Fantasy Flight to say what they have coming out, which makes me feel like there’s going to be some big game news coming. I’m guessing Warhammer 40k LCG will be released, but no idea what else will be coming. Maybe we’ll finally get an expansion for the new Battlelore that was released just days before GenCon last year? Maybe we’ll see something big, we shall see! Something I’m very excited about will be the previously-mentioned Lord of the Rings event.

Flying Frog will be showing Shadows of Brimstone, and will also have some expansions for Conquest of Planet Earth (yay!) and, apparently, Dark Gothic, already! I’d like to have seen something for Fortune & Glory too, but, well, we’ll see…

A new Master Set is coming for Summoner Wars from Plaid Hat Games, Summoner Wars: Alliances. That sounds kinda interesting, a mixing together of some of the factions, so I’m intrigued to see what exactly is involved in there!

There’s an Arabian Nights-themed game called Five Tribes coming up from Days of Wonder, the publisher who brought us Ticket to Ride. I love a good Arabian Nights-themed game, so that could be interesting!

Asmodee are bringing out a game called Abyss, which looks pretty awesome and could be a quite interesting, so I’ll be keeping an eye on that.

As the weekend goes on, I’ll probably keep coming back here and revising this blog with my thoughts and reactions as and when news hits, so keep checking back!

Some really cool stuff came out of FFG’s In Flight Report:

^^^^^ Fabulously excited for this, given my recent Descent experience!

^^^^^ This looks incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^

^^^^^ I was involved in playtesting for this, it’s awesome! ^^^^^

^^^^^ No surprise, but really nice to see the final book of the three!

^^^^^ I think THIS is the news we’ve all been waiting for!

No surprises there, then…

^^^^^ Interesting news about X-Wing, I have to say…

^^^^^ With 9 playable factions, Warhammer 40k Conquest will be the biggest LCG to date!

^^^^^ Still not entirely sure about this one. Seems like a helluva lot of money!

^^^^^ THIS is what I want! Armada can take a hike – this is where it’s at!!!!!!!!!

For the complete In-Flight Report 2014:

^^^^^ I do so love the artwork on the Lost Realm box, that is just beautiful!

^^^^^ Well deserved by Paizo, publisher for the Pathfinder RPG I love so much!

And now, to the game I am waiting for like no other: Shadows of Brimstone!

Yes, girls and boys, Shadows of Brimstone does indeed look like it’s going to be a truly fantastic game! I am feeling a little bit sick with excitement for finally being able to get my copy – hopefully by the end of September!

Announced in the In-Flight Report, FFG has put up a formal announcement today for Wave Six of X-Wing, which introduces the Scum and Villainy faction to the game. While it’ll be nice to have Prince Xizor’s Virago and IG-88 added to the mix, I’m a little baffled as to what’s next with this game! Of course, I gave up trying to second-guess releases a long time ago, but even so! I feel like it was a little left-field, but then I haven’t followed the meta for this game all that closely.

^^^^^ I kinda like RoboRally, but a giant RoboRally sounds too much for me!!

Nice little view of the upcoming Armada game in the video above, as well as the Witcher boardgame, which I’m not all that pumped by, but my buddy Tony is quite desperate to get his hands on it.

So there you have it, GenCon 2014 is over!

Apart from the big announcements from FFG, nothing new really leapt out and grabbed me, as it were. King of New York, from Iello Games, is apparently one of the most popular games to have debuted there, though I still have yet to make much of a headway with the earlier King of Tokyo game.

Night of the Grand Octopus just sounds incredible, but I have no idea what it’s about – just, what a name!!!

AEG have released a new Smash Up expansion, and have had a couple of games that seem to be doing really well, Doomtown Reloaded and Istanbul. Not heard much about either before now, but of the two, I kinda like Doomtown, I have to say!

That’s it for another year, anyway!

I painted another miniature!

Well, as you can possibly tell from the title here, I’ve spent the afternoon painting another miniature. This is the Chaos Beast from FFG’s Battlelore 2nd Edition, and one that I’ve been interested in painting since I started getting the idea to paint stuff. Voila!

Battlelore Chaos Lord

I’m kinda pleased with this one. In particular, I’m pleased with my drybrush on the tail and spines – I think I’ve got the technique down now, anyway. The layering effect isn’t really all that good, though the top of the head isn’t so bad. I did try to cheat though, to be honest, and only used one rather than two. Apparently the layer paints are designed to work in two phases, so I went back in with Wazdakka Red. I re-washed the layered areas with the Crimson, and it did help to tone it down a little, then glazed over with Bloodletter to help blend all of these together.

Still, it’s a lot better than my first attempt, I think!

For the base, I used Blackfire Earth, and drybrushed with some Underhive Ash, before adding two tufts of Mordheim Turf to it. Not sure if the turf looks weird or not, but anyway. My intention was to have the impression of a slightly chalky ground that the Chaos Lord is almost sinking into because of his size and weight.

Overall, as the second-ever miniature I’ve painted, I’m quite impressed with it. Still not entirely happy with the highlighting on the hands, but I’m not known for my steady hands! But yeah, not too bad, I’d say!