I painted a miniature!

Afternoon all!

Remember a while ago, when it was announced that Shadows of Brimstone would require assembly of the miniatures, I decided to buy a Warhammer miniature to practice on? Well, I picked it up today from Games Workshop in Chester, and the chap in the shop was so helpful I cannot begin to recommend that place enough! Anyway, he showed me how to assemble the beast, and with his help I put the miniature together in the shop. Fabulous! I was hoping to demonstrate my complete ineptitude in this blog, but anyway. I bought a Beast of Nurgle, which on the website looks like this:

Beast of Nurgle

And the unpainted miniature turned out like this:

Beast of Nurgle

I’m not really a Nurgle fan – as far as Warhammer fantasy goes, I prefer Slaanesh. So while I was in the shop, having put the chap together, I settled on a Slaanesh-esque colour scheme, picking up lilacs and purples to paint it.

Beast of Nurgle

The only thing I’ve ever painted before is a wall, so this was very much a new experience for me, but I was really excited to get on with it! Trying desperately to remember all the tips the chap had told me while I was in Chester, I set to work, first of all in spray-priming the beast.

Beast of Nurgle

To be honest, I was quite impressed with just the black primer coat – the beast is daemonic enough like that, don’t you agree? Well, anyway. Moving onwards, I first applied the base coat of Daemonette Hide with a large brush:

Beast of Nurgle

Following this, I applied a wash of Druchii Violet with the wash brush, which defines the details of the miniature:

Beast of Nurgle

Again, I thought it was looking pretty decent by this time, but onwards! I then started to apply the highlights in Slaanesh Grey with a small brush, to give the beast more of a pale, sickly-looking tone:

Beast of Nurgle

It unfortunately doesn’t come out all that well in the photo, but still. For the tongue, I wanted to have something really quite shocking, in terms of perturbing and such, but at the same time looking vaguely like it does belong. Jarring, I suppose, is the effect. Well, anyway. I settled on Temple Guard Blue:

Beast of Nurgle

The boils and pustules on the body I also painted with the blue, though in a lighter, wash-like application, to give the impression of a sickness under the skin, almost. I then turned to the claws, and used Lucius Lilac to dry brush. I wasn’t too keen on that, however, but no mind. Finally, to give the illusion of slime to the tongue and the pustules, I coated them in ‘Ardcoat, which dries with a sheen.

Beast of Nurgle

I do kinda like the finished product – especially because this was the very first attempt at miniature painting that I have made! I do, however, find myself wishing it was a little better. But, as my practice miniature, I suppose I can’t exactly complain too loudly!

I’ve bought another, the Fiend of Slaanesh, so will be writing another blog when I do that one. So anyway, yeah, there you have it – my first attempt! Tell me what you think in the comments!

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