The Armada is on its way

Star Wars Armada


Looks like something really massive happened while I was asleep. And that wasn’t supposed to be a euphemism. FFG have announced a new starship miniatures game, with all manner of big guns coming, including the long-awaited (by X-Wing fans) Star Destroyer.

I feel a bit…underwhelmed. Admittedly, a lot of that comes from the fact that I really wanted a ground-based miniatures game, not another starship-based one. Looking through the announcement, it seems they’ve tried to make it to appeal directly to existing fans of X-Wing, as it seems to have a lot in common, yet different enough to call it an entirely new game.

Star Wars Armada

I don’t know. $100 for the core set also seems really pretty steep: the same price as Horus Heresy, but potentially less stuff? Hm. At least I have a few more months to decide, as it’s not due out until next year. Plus I’m assuming some GenCon demos will be videoed. I’ll no doubt get it, because it’s Star Wars of course, but I’m currently feeling quite sceptical about it… We shall see, I suppose!

Star Wars Armada



8 thoughts on “The Armada is on its way”

    1. The land-based one is something that I *really* want to see! I think that’s why I was so down on this one, “not another space-battle set!” etc. Hopefully it’ll be a fun game, but still – gimme AT-ATs and armies any day!

      1. Yeah, I noticed Tom Vasel thought there was going to be a ground-based game as well. I’m actually excited about this because I haven’t gotten into X-Wing miniatures since I can’t afford to get all the ship packs, so this looks a good sprawling alternative, I hope there’s a way to play with more than 2 though.

      2. X-Wing has been trying to bankrupt me since it was released, yeah – I have masses of the things but have barely played with the core game. It’s a really good game with just the core set, anyway, I can definitely recommend it! Armada looks like it might have some aspects in common with X-Wing, and you can play that in teams, so who knows!

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