Model madness

The other day I shared a blog about the upcoming Shadows of Brimstone game, which largely consisted of the pdf rulebook of that game. However, for us kickstarter backers of that game, we had a large and involved update about the production, which included the news that the miniature figures will require assembly.


I am not very good at crafts, I will freely admit. I love the idea, but I’m just not very good. Maybe the lack of faith in myself isn’t helping, but anyway. I do not relish the task ahead of me – there are reportedly 32 miniature figures per core set, and I am getting two of each core set. More than anything, I’m annoyed that this will not be a game where I can open the box, press out some cardboard tokens, shuffle up a bunch of cards, and then just play it. Suddenly, I have a game that requires assembly, which could take about a day to get done. Valuable gaming time will be lost! Argh.

But today, I had the idea that this could actually be an interesting sort of side-project. So I’m thinking of running a series of sub-blogs with detailed reports on my modelling endeavours as I attempt to assemble the game. Depending on how well it goes, of course, I may even extend the scope of this into painting them, but that will definitely remain to be seen.

In the meantime, I want to practice. Shadows of Brimstone has the potential to become my absolutely favourite game, and I don’t want to hash things up. So in that spirit, I bought a Warhammer thing to essentially practice on. As a prologue to the Brimstone stuff, I’ll be posting blogs showing what I’ve been getting up to with that, as well!

So…yeah… watch this space…