My Fantasy Story! part two

Evening all!

Just wanted to share with you some very exciting news!

I’ve been trawling through my harddrive this afternoon trying to find a picture I took about eight years ago. I didn’t find it, but I did find something pretty amazing: a folder entitled “My fantasy-adventure book” with seven files in, which turn out to be the long-lost documents I wrote back in the day for my fantasy story! Amazing, huh?!

My Fantasy Story! part one can be read here

I’m particularly pleased because the notes that I wrote back in the day appear to presuppose that I know the main basis of the story. Now that I’ve found these files, I have a lot more to go on. Not only do I have some character profiles written, some generic notes, and at least two full passages of prose that I evidently had no idea where they were meant to take place (one document is called “Chapter 16”; another, “Chapter 65″…), but I have a sort of catch-all document that transcribed my hand-written notes in chronological order but included filler material that presumably hadn’t occurred to me when I originally wrote them! So hurrah and huzzah!

So now I have the task of fitting this into the work I’ve been doing for the past three or four weeks. I’m intrigued as to the links I appear to have drawn between my story and the Arthurian legend of Percival…

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