Ready for Takeoff!

Evening all!
Just a small post for Tuesday Games Day here at, a brief report on the latest news from Fantasy Flight about the Star Wars LCG. In case you missed it, they posted yesterday about the next expansion cycle, the Rogue Squadron cycle. Hobbie and Baron Fel have both been spoiled, along with some starship thief cards and such, so I’m guessing we’ll be seeing most of the roster from the Dark Horse Comics series and, probably, the novel series too. The starship thief cards have me also assuming Niles Ferrier will be making his appearance, though we’ll wait and see for that.

The new Pilot mechanic looks to be something they resurrected from the original Star Wars LCG design from 2011:


Ah yes, remember this? Well, anyway. The Pilot mechanic is now something that allows you to attach the character to a vehicle as its pilot, which usually benefits the vehicle in a very specific way, though the Baron Fel card we’ve seen also provides an effect when he is used as a pilot, rather than just a unit.

It’s a nice idea, anyway, and definitely a nice little subtheme to have in the game. I’m hoping to get some games with this in soon, so hopefully before too long I’ll have more of an informed opinion on the actual game!

Anyhow. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, and I’ll be back soon with a look at another titan of the gaming world!