Roast zebra

Here at, I like to bring a touch of the exotic into your lives every once in a while*, and today I thought I’d bring you some thoughts on my latest culinary experiment: zebra!

I’d been to the Oswestry Food Festival on Saturday, where there was all sorts of wonderful stuff going on, but the exotic meats chap drew my eye almost immediately, as zebras feature in my upcoming fantasy story. So I promptly purchased a pack of zebra steaks, et voilà!

So I got some sweet potato, parsnip and carrot, and sliced them up into roughly one-inch batons. I got a bit bored of this when it came to the sweet potato, so left them thicker. Par-boiled for 10-15 minutes (I got distracted by facebook, so they may have had longer than necessary). I washed the zebra steaks, then basted with a few tablespoonfuls of the vegetable water to ensure they remain a bit tender, then roast for 20 minutes or thereabouts. You can roast the veg too – I did, but only for as long as the meat was in. Obviously, adjust cooking times if you prefer your meat a little pink – I like mine medium-well, though in this specific instance they turned out well-done because they were smaller than I’d banked on.

And there you have it! From the plains to your plate!

*unless you happen to be reading this from, say, Tanzania, where proud herds of zebra roam free…

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