Enter the land of the druids…

Hey everyone!
Tuesday should, by now, only mean one thing – it’s game day here at! Aw, yeah! Unfortunately, I am feeling quite rough following a migraine that attacked me this morning; I’m dosed up specifically so I can come here and write something for my faithful readership, so it’ll only be short, but I hope it’ll be interesting for you!

Today’s little offering, then, is another kickstarter game that I backed earlier in the year but haven’t taken delivery of it yet: Lagoon.

Lagoon Land of Druids

The game is basically area-control, where players compete to tip the energy balance in a particular direction. At the end of the game, the person who has best-supported the dominant energy wins the game. During the course of the game, players explore the land of Lagoon by laying hex-tiles down to create a board:

Lagoon Land of Druids

Each hex has an ability that it grants, as shown above in the start-tile configurations. As the game progresses, players can use these abilities to alter the flow of the game and tip the balance in the way they want it. You can, apparently, also change your allegiance if things aren’t going all that well! It all sounds pretty good, anyway, and the fact it was 738% funded at the close of the kickstarter would tend to support this!

But aside from anything else, the game just looks so damn beautiful!

Lagoon Land of Druids Lagoon Land of Druids Lagoon Land of Druids Lagoon Land of Druids

Ah, wonderful!

There’s not a lot to excite the rabid kickstarter fans, in terms of add-ons and exclusives. Just one promo tile, so two new locations, and that’s that! Most of the stretch goals were all about making the components thicker, which in this sort of came would definitely be an advantage, but I must confess to having been a bit bemused at the time, as I wouldn’t have said that thicker tokens would be enough to drive up the pledges in the same way that additional content would, but it did remarkably well anyway, so what do I know?!

Lagoon Land of Druids

If you missed the kickstarter, keep your eye on the designer’s website for more details. The game is set for a September release, so I’ll report back once I’ve played a few games! Of course, it’ll (hopefully) be fighting with Fallen and Shadows of Brimstone by then…!

(As always, these pictures are not mine, but used for illustrative purposes only)