My trip to Pembrokeshire!

Good evening, people of the interweb! I’ve been away for a couple of days, but I’m now back with a blog of awesome! Well…kinda… I’ve been to Pembrokeshire, where the weather has been a bit rubbish really, but I did nevertheless see some AWESOME stuff! 430 miles of just amazing!

Starting with Aberystwyth Castle…

102_0685 102_0687 102_0731 102_0743

Once my favourite castle in Wales, the amount of graffiti there this time around has detracted from it, sadly. Though, speaking of graffiti…


The famous wall near Llanrhystud, in memory of the drowned village of Capel Celyn.

From there, I popped to see Pentre Ifan burial chamber


Before finally arriving at Pembroke, where I was staying. More accurately, Pembroke Dock, which was cheaper! There’s a royal dockyard at Pembroke that was set up in the year before Waterloo, which includes a Martello Tower:


However, there is an absolute mass of medieval stuff to be seen in the county, so let’s move on! Day One began awesomely in St Davids:

100_0778 100_0791 100_0812

St David's shrine
St David’s shrine
The tomb of Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond and father of the future Henry VII
The tomb of Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond and father of the future Henry VII
Lord Rhys of Deheubarth
Lord Rhys of Deheubarth
Gerald of Wales
Gerald of Wales
Bishop Henry de Gower, one of the great builder-bishops of the 14th century
Bishop Henry de Gower, one of the great builder-bishops of the 14th century

100_0837 100_0859

The Cathedral is amazing, and the Bishop’s Palace was absolutely wonderful!

100_0862 100_0893 100_0908100_0913

From St Davids, let’s move back to Haverfordwest, both Castle and Priory

100_0915 100_0941

The weather was pretty miserable at this point, but I’ve never been one to let that get in the way of my castle-hunting jaunts! Llawhaden Castle, used as another palace for the bishops of St Davids, and one of my newest all-time favourite places…

100_0969 100_0983 100_1010

Carew Castle and the famous Cross, the latter now the logo for Cadw themselves…



Pembroke Castle itself, once home to the famous William Marshal (regent of Henry III, among other stuff), and a breathtaking fortress…

100_1071 100_1077

Lamphey Bishop’s Palace – a third palace for the bishops, and a wonderful example of medieval domesticity, albeit on the episcopal scale…


And finally, Carmarthen Castle, once a huge stronghold from where Edward I launched his initial campaigns in Wales against Llywelyn the Last…


But guess what? I came home yesterday to this little lot:


Awesome times were had by all!

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