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Amazing! #Pathfinder

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You folks are possibly sick of me wittering on about the Pathfinder RPG by now, I’m sure – but fear not, this post is only a small one! I have recently had something of an insane splurge on books, and have bought a small forest’s worth of Pathfinder stuff, the first of which arrived not long ago, the above ‘Inner Sea Primer‘. For a complete beginner like myself, this book is really good, as it gives an overview of the Pathfinder setting, both in terms of the location and the culture of the setting. Really incredibly handy! If you’re looking to get into the game, then I can massively recommend this!

Secondly, this happened:

While I wouldn’t say I’m a Buffy devotee, I nevertheless really enjoyed the TV show back in the day, and for a while have been off-and-on considering looking into the Series 8 comicbook arc, which I vaguely knew about. The other day, however, I read an excellent blog about one of the standalone Buffy comics, and decided that it was high-time I looked into this thing for myself! So I’ve bought the first couple of graphic novels from Series 8 (there are loads!) to have a look. In due course, I’ll let you know what’s going on!