I shared this video a short while ago, when I first mentioned the kickstarter game Fallen, from Watchtower Games, but since the announcement that the game is now in full production, I’ve been almost-obsessing over it once again!

It’s not Tuesday, but I want to talk about games anyway. Maybe I’ll stop being so prescriptive with my blog, not sure yet. Anyway!

Fallen was the first kickstarter game that I got incredibly over-excited about. A rough count has my total games backed at just five, including the exceptionally exciting Shadows of Brimstone of course, but Fallen really deserves the credit for being the game that started me off in all this. The game looks ridiculously beautiful. I mean, if you haven’t watched the video all the way through – go back and do so, now!

The game will be quite unique in my collection, I feel. It’s a dungeon-crawler game, but it’s a card game, not a miniatures/board game. Out of the box it’s playable by two people, where one person takes the role of the hero, and the other that of the Dungeon Lord. Rather than physically moving a miniature figure through a series of dungeon tiles in the manner of, say, Descent, the game is played through a series of Story Cards which describe the rooms and challenges. The hero must fight his way through the creatures and spells of the Dungeon Lord until the two face off in a final battle.

The game also utilises a Shadow Track that provides some flux to the game, giving bonuses to the hero or the Dungeon Lord depending on how light and dark it is, respectively.

The more successful a hero is, the more stuff you “unlock” for that hero. There is a slight RPG feel to the game in this respect – along with magical items and power cards, experience points can give your hero new skills to help in the final battle. In a similar manner, the more successful the Dungeon Lord is against the hero, the more he can summon against that hero. The Dungeon Lord can also acquire Omen Cards that are particularly powerful. If the hero survives four Story Cards, that final battle begins and all craziness breaks loose in the showdown!

I backed at Hero level

I’ve been following the progress since it was funded last July, and the demos at last year’s GenCon in particular showed the game to be extremely strong and fantastically-designed. It’s a bit of a shame that it has taken so long to come to full production, but at least we’re there now. I feel that I was a bit too harsh on the company when I first mentioned it, as I was feeling a bit frustrated that I don’t have the game already! But it looks like it’ll be a really solid game when it arrives, so I truly can’t wait to get it and start delving in the dungeon!

In addition to some awesome gameplay, the artwork is just gorgeous!

Chains of Ilthor Demon Lord Orc Shaman Sythean the Devourer

As usual for kickstarter games, there are a whole host of Stretch Goals and Add-Ons that came out of the campaign, which make me even more excited for it! The base game has a choice of three Dungeon Lords and three Heroes, but the ks extras add three more heroes and three more Dungeon Lords! Additionally, there are five new Adventure Packs, which include new Story Cards as well as cards for the hero and the Dungeon Lord, and an additional Final Battle Pack with new options for the endgame.

One of the biggest incentives I’ve noticed that people enjoy about kickstarter projects are the “exclusives” that make backing the game the more desirable option than simply waiting for it to hit retail, and Fallen delivered wonderfully in this respect with four additional Adventure Packs, so that’s even more Story Cards etc! Given the fact that the game is played primarily through the medium of these cards, that’s an unbelievable amount of content right out of the gate!

So roll on September, when I hope I will finally have this game in my hands, and maybe if I’m lucky, there will have been a couple of games played, as well! Can’t wait!

Fallen box cover