Futon days

Look at this, it’s Saturday again! Where would your day be without my latest blog, right? You can say that again. It’s been a very exciting week for me this past week, for a whole host of reasons. In case you missed it, I’ve been doing the rounds of Edward I’s castles in north Wales this week:
Beaumaris and Penmon;
Conwy, and

Wonderful stuff, as you can see! It’s always good to get out and see some castles, especially when the weather is as good as it has been! Fantastic times for all concerned. To finish up the week of awesome, after a very exciting Thursday, I went off to Cwmhir Abbey and Hereford Cathedral. Because a week off isn’t worth having unless one drives over 650 miles, as I’m sure you’d all agree!

Cwmhir Abbey

Cwmhir Abbey

Cwmhir Abbey, in case you were wondering, is where Llywelyn the Last is buried (minus his head).

Hereford Cathedral

Ah, marvellous! I actually went to Hereford two years ago. While it’s perhaps not brimming with medieval splendour, Hereford is nevertheless a really interesting place as one of the three original Marcher Lordships. I did a blog about it following my last visit, you can read it on blogger here.

So given the fact that I’ve spent most of the week behind the wheel of my car, I’ve not really been up to anything else of note, you’ll no doubt be greatly dismayed to learn!

Of course, today is the summer solstice, so here’s what I suppose you could call the obligatory photo of Stonehenge that I took when I went there five years ago. Whatever you’re up to today, Happy Midsummer, everyone!


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