A blog for Tuesday!

The Out of Office is on, and I’m now off work for thirteen days! Yay for that! I hope you’re all braced for extra geekiness to come your way… I’m hoping the weather will hold, because I’ve got some exciting plans for these days!

I got home today to find this on my doorstep:

X-Wing Rebel Transport
(It was obviously not literally like this on my doorstep – there was packaging involved)

Kind of a nice segue from the last post really! For those of you who don’t know, Fantasy Flight Games has been churning out Star Wars games since the end of 2012, and along with the card game, there is a role-playing game, and this, the X-Wing miniatures game. And much like the card game, I haven’t got to play much of any of these others, either – much to my eternal upset! X-Wing is a tactical miniatures game that involves a LOT of scale models. I was going to do a bit of a display of them all for this shot, but frankly couldn’t face getting out my entire collection (for a game that I never play, I have got a TON of ships for it), so instead here’s a nice picture of the ships in this box, plus the Millennium Falcon:

X-Wing Rebel Transport

Nice, huh? In case you’re interested, Wil Wheaton did an episode of TableTop where they played X-Wing, it’s pretty fun and demonstrates most of the gameplay, and you can check it out here:

In other news, I finally had the correct issue of Star Wars Insider delivered today also, so I hope to get the Zahn short story read soon. However, I’m not sure when exactly I’ll get to it, as I started the massive event that is the Thrawn Trilogy this weekend! Have I mentioned this already? I can’t remember. Well, anyway, I’ve been reading Heir to the Empire again and it’s awesome, there will soon be a blog dedicated solely to this book – you just wait! I currently plan to do a write-up on each book, because they’re each one just super awesome, you don’t even know!

Aw, yeah!

So that’s it for now, anyway. I’m going to try and get some more interesting stuff written over the course of the next two weeks, so I hope you like it, and please leave comments, because I like them 🙂

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