Some Saturday ruminations

It’s been another exciting week, not least because the essay has finally been submitted! So you can all heave a sigh of relief. In the event, it came in 11 words short of the 2000-word limit, but I feel I’ve made some pretty salient points. ‘Brevity is never a defect’, in the words of Giuseppe Verdi. So that’s that, anyway – I have an exam on 4 June, then the module will be over, and I’ll have four months off over the summer before resuming with A219: Exploring the Classical World. Good timez.

While it’s not strictly over yet, I’ve found myself reflecting on the module as a whole, probably because the actual learning process has now finished. On the whole, I really liked this module. From the national forums on the OU website, it seems I’m in the minority, but even so. From the Hundred Years War to the Scramble for Africa, there hasn’t been a single unit that I could possibly say “man, that was awful”. Some were a bit too brief, if I’m honest (the Glorious Revolution bit in particular), but I feel like I’ve learnt some really awesome stuff, particularly all the stuff on Burgundy! It’s been a really good course, and I suppose I’ll be sorry to see it go. But I have the Classical stuff coming up, and that should be awesome, too!

In the midst of getting the essay written, however, I’ve also got to enjoy something of a festival of Zahn. This is of course an exciting prelude to the main event, the Thrawn trilogy. I feel like I’ve mentioned this a lot lately, but for those of you who are busy wondering just what the hell I’ve been talking about, you’ll find out soon enough…


To end with, I just want to mention another android game I’ve discovered lately. It’s called ‘Rock Ninja‘, and while I’m pretty terrible at it, I find myself somewhat addicted! You basically control this little ninja dude, and you have to avoid the rocks that tumble across the screen while collecting these little, I don’t know, they look like little matryoshka dolls. Whenever you collect three of them, all the rocks on the screen smash up and you get bonus points or something. You also get points based on how long you stay alive, but I’m not really sure about that part. I’m also not really sure, but you somehow get money that you can then spend in ‘the dojo’ on stuff to help you survive in future games, like shields and – hilariously – a crow or something, which will fly across the top of the screen, crushing boulders in its path! It’s really fun, I can highly recommend it!

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