Warhammer Heroes: Sigvald

Hey everybody,
Thought I’d take a break from Star Wars and talk about a fantasy novel that I read a couple of years ago, as I’ve recently been having a shuffle around in my flat and have been reminiscing as a result!

This is the first Warhammer novel that I have read, though given how much I enjoy the setting from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, I doubt it’ll be the last! That said, the book is a little bit too confusing at times. Sigvald is a Prince of Chaos, dedicated to debauchery in the manner of a true devotee of Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure. Sigvald is dedicated to his pursuit of perfection, and doing everything unto excess, so when Baron Gustav arrives at his court seeking aid in his fight against the minions of Khorne, Sigvald learns of a perfect brass skull and obsesses over possessing it.

There is some really bizarre and twisted imagery conjured in this book, and at times there are passages that are downright disturbing. Of course, none of this should come as a surprise, given that Sigvald is in thrall to the Dark Prince. It was certainly interesting to take a look inside of the Gilded Palace, and follow Sigvald’s campaign into the Chaos Wastes against Khorne. Also out in the Wastes is a tribe of Norscans who are trying to discover the cause of their sufferings. They’re called the Fallen, and the curse upon them is linked to Sigvald’s own life.

It’s certainly an interesting novel, and the scenes among the Decadent Host conjure some powerful images of a Slaaneshi war-host. The book is part of the Warhammer Heroes line, and I’m not entirely sure if Sigvald would really class as a hero! He’s very complicated as a character, though, and Darius Hinks really creates a strong impression of a man with so many shades of colour that it’s difficult to call him a villain, for all the debauchery he gets up to. I’ve heard of comparisons to DC’s Joker, and I believe Hinks himself called him “Warhammer’s Caligula”, but he’s so much more controlled than the stereotypical psychopaths.

Definitely recommended!

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