Exciting times (for a Tuesday)

Exciting times, indeed!

While I’m still woefully behind on the essay (though I’ve managed to churn out 65 words of introduction, so that’s nearly 4% of the work done already!), I’m here again because I have some exciting times that I want to share!

First of all, I took delivery of the nightmare decks for Lord of the Rings LCG, part two of the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle. This is a card game that I will talk about at length soon, because it’s probably my favourite card game in the whole world. Yes, that’s right folks! So unless you know the game already, this whole paragraph probably won’t mean very much to you, but I want to share it anyways. The decks arrived yesterday, though I was entertaining so couldn’t really check them out until today, and my goodness, they’re looking good!

Let the nightmares begin!
Let the nightmares begin!

I probably want to try out Hills of Emyn Muil first, because that’s my favourite quest of all time (spoiler alert!), but from looking at the previews already released on FFG’s website, Dead Marshes looks absolutely wonderful! There are some pretty vicious cards in these decks, so I’m going to look forward to trying these out soon!

I bought a back issue of Star Wars Insider magazine last week – remember me talking about the short story Heist, by Tim Zahn? Well I checked through my stack of magazines and was horrified to discover I didn’t have it! So off I trundled to the Titan Magazines website, ordered it, and they’ve sent me the wrong issue! Dammit. I was hoping to be able to read more Zahn goodness, but clearly not.

I haven’t made it to any more Star Wars novels since finishing Choices of One at the weekend, but I’m hoping to get a couple of short stories read this week, so I’ll talk about them further down the line. Yeah, you can go ahead and get excited about that!

Back to exciting times, though! I have decided that it’s high time I made good on a sort-of promise I made to myself a good many years ago now, and try my hand once again at creative writing. And where better to showcase it than here, on my very own blog! So that’s something else for you to get excited about!

Basically, when I was in college I decided I wanted to try writing some Star Wars stories, because while I enjoyed all the stuff I could lay my hands on, I felt like there weren’t enough of the kinds of stories that I wanted to read out there and available. So I gave it a go, never getting very far, and real life always got in the way of course. But I’ve always enjoyed writing (that’s one of the reasons I started this blog), so whether it’s good stuff or bad stuff, I’m going to do it anyway, and then share it with you guys!

And procrastination over the essay is absolutely not the reason I’m going to be doing this!

So I’ll give you a sneak preview. I’m currently writing a short story based in the Star Wars universe, set around 3 years before the events of A New Hope. I’ve pretty much got it planned out now (in fact, I’ve planned a small series’ worth!), but have yet to actually start typing. With luck, I’ll do that at the weekend. But once it’s done, I’ll post it up for your enjoyment! As I’ve said, I’ve got vague ideas for about half a dozen stories in a kinda series, so I hope to pursue this over the summer, and for better or worse, we’ll see where it goes!

That’s all for now, anyway! Stay tuned for more geekiness to come, soon!